Laundry Equipment

We have a variety of machines to make your laundry easier, quicker and economical.  Always attended by the nicest people in town!


Every wash is sanitized using our naturally generate Ozone fresh water that kills bacteria, odor, mold and mildew. Ozone fresh water loosens dirt and proteins. As a result, you can use less detergent and save money.


The Laundry Room is equiped with WATER SAVING, ECO-FRIENDLY, HIGH EFFICIENCY WASHERS AND DRYERS to meet the needs of small to large families:

  • Single load top loaders
  • 2 loads (20lb) front loaders
  • 4 loads (40lb) front loaders
  • 6 loads (60lb) front loaders
  • 8 loads (80lb) front loaders
  • 4 loads (45lb) dryers with multiple heat settings

How to Find Us

1955 El Cajon Blvd.

San Diego, CA 92104


Between Park Blvd. & Florida St.


Phone: 619-795-9588

Business Hours

Mon - Sun

6:30 am - 11 pm


Last Wash @ 9:30PM

Check our Special Offers




residential $1.89/lb. min 10 lbs.

military $1.85/lb. min 10 lbs.

commercial $1.79/lb. min 20 lbs.

Seniors over 65 $1.85/lb. min. 10 lbs.


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