THE LAUNDRY ROOM: A New Level of Service

Discover the best kept secret in San Diego:


  • Equipped with a large variety of WATER SAVING, ECO-FRIENDLY AND HIGH EFFICIENCY WASHERS AND DRYERS to meet the needs of small and large families.


  • Every wash is San-O-tyzed utilizing our natural Ozone fresh water system that kills odors, mold and mildew ensures your clothes are clean and smell good.


  • Fully staffed with friendly attendants.


  • Clean and safe family environment.


  • Residential fluff & fold service for busy professionals and families.


  • Commercial laundry services for small businesses.


  • Two dedicated parking spots for unloading & loading of laundry.


  • Work stations for those who need to get work done and lounge chairs for those who want to kick back and relax.


  • Free WiFi for your surfing pleasure.


  • Flat screen TVs for news, sports and entertainment.



Above the Competition

Why do so many of our customers drive past other laundromats to bring their laundry here?  "It is always clean", "attendants are truly helpful", 'very comfortable" and "it's a relaxing environment" are comments we hear all of the time.  Find out for yourself what others already know!

How to Find Us

1955 El Cajon Blvd.

San Diego, CA 92104


Between Park Blvd. & Florida St.


Phone: 619-795-9588

Business Hours

Mon - Sun

6:30 am - 11:00 pm


Last Wash @ 9:30PM

Check our Special Offers


Tues & Thurs

6:30am - 6pm

Discounts on all Wash Cycles &

$1.75 "Quick Wash/Permenant Press" on all 2 load washers



Save on up to 40% off on all  6 & 8 load washers on Permenant Press

6:30am - 6pm


Got a lot of laundry? Don't worry. Do it all at one time in one of our 6 or 8 load washers



$1.13 p/lb Tues - Thurs

$1.23 p/lb Fri - Mon

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